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Privé Members Lounge will be an exclusive member-only venue.  We will offer our members the ultimate experience in fine dining and entertainment with a VIP concierge service.  Located across the lobby from Chophouse 614, Privé will introduce an entirely new experience to Greater Columbus.  Privé Members Lounge will be a premier dining and entertainment experience to hit a city about to come alive with Urban Flair and a taste for Cosmopolitan Style.  Privé  will evoke Miami luster and New York City hip to a ready crowd yearning to be exalted to a new level of new dining and hospitality excitement.   We will deliver a pulsating feeling with a sophisticated cocktail lounge attitude in a modern upscale environment.


Also, as a VIP and upscale driven spot, Privé  will cater to a sophisticated crowd seeking a cultured refuge for great gourmet food, relaxation, and amusement. With the development renaissance in progress, Columbus is a welcoming town to many celebrities and high-profile local executives, young lucrative professionals, and trendy socialites.


The space design will feature a balanced fusion of contemporary minimalism and avant-garde opulence creating an agreeable marriage of modernism and Rustic décor.

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